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The Tour guide Muhammad Swefy

July 16, 2012

Muhammad Swefy

Tour guide and Library Assistant

Muhammad Swefy (Abridged Biography)

Born in 1982, in Al-Darb Al-Ahmar Historic District, Islamic Cairo, Cairo, Egypt.

Has lead hundreds of people on tours around the local areas in Al Darb Al Ahmar and Al Gamaleyya historical districts.

Guided foreigners to Naguib Mahfouz trilogy neigbourhoods.
Has lead tours to the pyramids of Giza and sphinx, Saqqara, the Egyptian museum, the Coptic Cairo… etc,

Guided hundreds of people around almost every corner of Islamic Cairo, especially the hidden, unknown and neglected treasures inside the medieval alleyways.

Worked as techical support adviser at Vodafone UK Tech. 1
Worked as a tour guide at the Guest-Relations Dept. of Al-Azhar park.

Worked as an Assistant at Standard Engineering company in Cairo, in which he attended several tenders /bids concerning engineering equipments and spare parts.

Worked in telecommunication arena for Axmonia website.

Participated in the translation of medieval manuscripts at the Egyptian National Archives bldg.

Worked as a Circulation Assistant at the American university in Cairo’s Main library.

Served as an interpreter for famous international writers and journalists together with magazine contributors around the world during the time of the Egyptian revolution 2011-2012. Such as, National geographic Washington, the Swedish Radio, Il Fatto Quotidiano; among others.

Worked as Library Assistant at the Tahrir Library (The American University in Cairo).

Drove several golf car tours and lead several walking tours around Al-Azhar Park and its surroundings, as well as Al-Muizz Li-Deen Allah Street.

Taught English as a Second Language.
Taught Arabic as a foreign Language.


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